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“Joseph and His Brothers” Skit for Four Voices

“Joseph and His Brothers” A skit for four voices.

Based on Genesis 27:1-11 (Parashat Vayeshev)

Enjoy this short skit with your children, or with a class. 

REUBEN: Alright, brothers, do we have everything? Let’s head out to the pastures. Wait, where’s Joseph?

JOSEPH: Hi guys! Whew, I’m glad I caught you before you took the flocks out.

JUDAH: Joseph, why are you wearing that coat out to the fields? Is that Abba’s coat? Run back and get on your work clothes before we leave you behind.

JOSEPH: Oh, Abba said I don’t have to go out with you today. Remember how hot and tired I was yesterday after spending the WHOLE afternoon with you? I was melting!

REUBEN: It was like, 78 degrees yesterday. Perfect herding weather.

JOSEPH: And that new linen work shirt was So scratchy! Abba told me to stay home so he could show me the ropes around camp. Then he gave me this nice, soft, coat? It does look a lot like his, doesn’t it?

ZEBULUN: I don’t even have a coat! All I got is this blanket!

REUBEN: So Abba’s teaching YOU all about running the family business? It’s not enough that you’re pampered like a baby, but now you want MY job someday?

JUDAH: Yeah, you’re old enough to work in the fields like us. You’re not even the baby of the family, like Benjamin. Benjamin! What are you eating? Eew, that’s yuck-yucks, spit it out!!

REUBEN: Yeah, Benjamin’s the one that needs to stay in camp, not you. Stop acting like you’re the prince over us.

JOSEPH: Oh, I didn’t tell you the dream I had last night! Listen to this: we were in the fields typing bundles of wheat together. My bundle stood up and your bundles of wheat gathered around it and bowed down to it. Crazy, huh?

JUDAH: Oh you really do think you’ll be king over us, don’t you? Come on, guys, I’ve heard enough. Let’s go.

JOSEPH: I’ll have supper ready when you return. Abba said he’ll teach me his secret recipe for red lentil stew. He said his brother Esau used to love it.

REUBEN: Ahh, it just gets better and better! The stew Esau traded his birthright for? Greaaatttt….

ZEBULUN: Oooh, I love that stew! I mean, I wouldn’t trade my #10 spot in the family line up, but if you throw in some tri-tip, maybe we can go halfsies.

JOSEPH: Uh, sure Zeb, let me see what I can do…maybe some pinquito beans on the side….

ZEBULUN: Ooo, my mouth is watering already.

REUBEN: Zebulun! Don’t trade your birthright for anything! We’ll stop at BenDonald’s on the way home and I’ll buy you a mutton patty.

ZEBULUN: Reuben, Reuben! How can you compare BenDonald’s to authentic Santa Miriam barbeque? Have you no taste?

JUDAH: It’s getting hot, let’s go and leave the dreamer to his duties around camp.

JOSEPH: Have a great day, guys!