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On Making Small Changes

Everyone says Change is good until it knocks at their door. That’s when some people get nervous. They may open the door, all smiles and salutations, but never actually invite Change inside. The brave ones schedule a date with Change, penciling it in between the important details of their day and–let’s face it–whatever they do to mentally or physically escape those important tasks.

Change is a doer. Meeting Change for coffee would be ok, but a walk at the park would be better. The middle of your to-do list is the the very worst place for Change. Change must be prioritized for it to do you any good. Good blooms the best when those changes are made into habits.

You probably already know three small habit changes you can, should, and would benefit from. I know I do!

  1. Go to bed at bedtime, not an hour and a half later.  Begin in five minutes.
  2. Ask my children to repeat my instructions to them, increasing clarity on both sides. Begin tomorrow before breakfast.
  3. Keep eye contact when my children speak to me. Begin tomorrow at breakfast.

Your turn. What are your three?