Story: The Best Seat in the House

Nessie peeked around the corner. Ah! The best seat in the house was hers for the taking. She nestled down with a contented sigh.

“What are you doing?!” From out of nowhere, Ginger appeared and cried in alarm.

“Enjoying some peace and quiet.” Nessie trilled. “Or trying to, at least.” She added with a sideways glance.

“But it’s still my turn.” Ginger sputtered. “I, I was feeling a bit peckish and went to get a bite to eat, but I wasn’t finished with my turn.” She usually wouldn’t dare to cross Nessie, who sat looking at her with a glint in her ever-imposing eye. Nessie always expected to win in a fight.

But something rose up in Ginger that she couldn’t ignore. “Really, Nessie, there must be somewhere else you can sit. Let me have my seat back.”

“You know very well there’s no better spot that this in the house. Don’t ruffle your feathers over it.” She looked away casually, thinking that was the end of it. But Ginger just glared at her. “Call it my ‘morning constitutional.’ You’ve had yours, now leave me in peace for mine.” Nessie wasn’t exactly sure what a ‘morning constitutional’ was, but surely Ginger didn’t know either, and maybe the phrase was big enough to stop her cackling.

A long, tense moment passed while Ginger brooded over her predicament. “Well, I see how it is.” Ginger said, looking redder than usual. “I’ll just have to come constitutionalize WITH you then.”

“What?!” Nessie snapped her head round toward Ginger so quickly that the extra bit under her chin wobbled. With an oomph and a humph, Ginger began climbing in next to Nessie, finding little room on either side. She screeched. Nessie squawked.

Ginger was perched right on top of Nessie when I walked in, a little surprised at the way my two hens were squished in the nest box growling at each other. I’m not sure how the argument ended, but for my part, I walked away with two warm brown eggs–one speckled, one smooth–and a hearty laugh.